What is Bland Systems?

Welcome to Bland Systems. Here we talk about bland and boring computers systems and video games such as Unix and Dragon Quest. Okay, well to some they may be boring and bland but not to me. Let me explain.

I’m a very simple man. I like things to be simple. I wear simple clothes. Use a simple text interface on my computer. Play simple 2d RPGs. But I also like things to be deep. I like to layer my clothes. I like to pipe commands together. I like the SaGa games. I find joy in discovering the inter workings of ‘simple’ looking things. I have been called a bland and simple person by quite a few people in my life. But people who have gotten to know me notice I am a interesting person who does a lot (sometimes too much). Which is why I’m starting this project.

I’ll give  a little history before I explain my first two projects for this blog, first video games. About a year ago I started to play Adventure, a text adventure, for a project about the history of RPGs. I was shocked at how much I was enjoying myself. Even though on the surface the object is just to get the treasure its really a game of time management, mapping, and figuring out how each little system works. The game went in stages of understanding. The first stage was to map out the cave. The second was to figure out the puzzles. The third find out how all the systems worked together. The last one was to put all the knowledge you obtained together and get all the treasure before you time runs out. Of course while it is possible to do everything your first run most, if played with out a guide, each stage will take quite a few runs. The problem I had was how to make this a video series. After months I figured the best way to present this information would be text. Also I’m a very bland person. So one of my projects will be examining the systems of video games. To not spoil the experience I’ll mostly be going in blind, which means no guides.

My second project will be computer systems. For the last five years I have gained experience with Linux and the command line. While doing some research I found out about Unix and BSDs. Always up for a challenge I figures why not try a BSD. The BSD I picked was FreeBSD and I will share my journey installing it and using it on my main laptop. After I get FreeBSD up I will use the laptop to improve my programming and information technology skills, which I’ll also blog about.

So that is about it. If you want more I have two twitter accounts you can follow. @nisbols for everything about video games and whatever I feel like and @TravisMHinton for my more professional tweets. I also have a Twitch account were I plan on streaming every Sunday morning.

Until next time.

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