It just works

After five days I installed OpenBSD. Yeah let me tell you how.

I just got a new laptop a ThinkPad T60 with an upgrade motherboard. It came with windows 7 installed. Everything was good. Only issue was the m key would sometimes not work but it was ok if I pressed hard. WiFi worked, screen was a custom job and best laptop screen I ever owned. After my basic checks I loaded up FreeBSD and my problems began.

The install started out fine only issue was setting up the wifi. I’m guessing FCC, FCC3, and FCC4 is some type of standard. I could not find my router when it searched for it. So I just decided to start over. I found it but my IPv4 was not filled out but my IPv6 was. Start the install again and now everything was filled in. Everything else worked fine. After the install I was at the terminal.

Since I used Linux I decided to see if the file system was any different. It was mainly the same. Ok time to load some packages. I need to update my update my computer. Ok I do that install one package and reset. When I get back into the system I can’t load any more packages. I can ping but other than that nothing. I connect it using a wire and it works. Ok not very useful as a laptop since I have a desktop but maybe I can fix it.

I don’t figure it out. I heard that BSDs may have problems on laptops with wifi so maybe TrueOS would work better. It works and so does wifi but it keeps on dropping and I have to keep on disabling and reenabling wifi. But it works. The Lumina desktop was ok but I like using i3. So I install it and it works. I say yes make a configure file and set my mod key to alt. Load some more programs and reset the computer. No status bar on i3. I’m getting a Mac.

Ok not really I’ll just install ubuntu server and install i3 from there. Everything works but I can’t get wifi up. I then install GhostBSD. It works same wifi problems but it works. I3 still does not work. I look in to it and find out my config fill is incomplete. So if I don’t set a configured fill it works. What ever it works. I found out my my router have a different name for my laptop than my laptop. I changed the laptops to to what the router said it was and wifi now does not drop.

I use it for a day and it works fine. I do some research and find out OpenBSD may work better on laptop. Why not I’ll run it. It just works. Wifi works, i3 works everything works. So since then I been using OpenBSD and it works great.

My next Project is learning awk and sed, and playing Legend of Legacy.

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