I’m back for now

Its been awhile. I thought I might give an updated on what I been doing.

I put a new operating system on my computer. An Ubuntu Minimal install with i3. It works good and I can easily find support. I liked OpenBSD but it lacked some software I needed. Also I think I found out my WI-fi problems. I don’t think my WI-fi card is compatible  with the AC signal. Since my router is dual band I just applied the lower signal to a lower standard. .

Other than that class work stopped my Final Fantasy play though for a while and I just have not gotten back to it. I also bought a Switch with legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. So far I’m loving the game and taking my time. The sound direction stands out to me and is  one of the best uses of sound and music I have experienced in a game. Other than Zelda a game I’m liking on my switch is Human Resource Machine. To be honest I’ve enjoyed playing it more than Zelda. After playing Human Resource Machine I liked up other game like it and found the games by Zachtronics. So far I played SpaceChem and Infinifactory, both that could well possibly be apart of my list of best gaming I have enjoyed playing. Other games in the list are Morrowind and Long Live the Queen.

A few books I’ve been reading have been How Google Works and also War and Peace and War: The Rise and Fall of Empires.  So far I don’t enjoy War and Peace and War as much as I liked Peter Turchin latter book Ultra Society. In the beginning of the book he goes over some Russian history at a time I’m not familiar with so that could be it.

How Google Works on the other have is making me self reflect on the value I can offer. While I don’t think I’m on the level of the “Smart Creatives” I should at the very least be able to offer what they offer to employers. Let me explain in more detail. From what I understand, “Smart Creatives” are people who have a a good set of personal hobbies, work and life are together but work is not their life, are fact based, can explain their ideas, work well with others and are not lone wolfs, are moral, works not for themselves or the group but the company, are motivated, high achievers, and great problem solves. Some of the above characteristics I have, others I need to work on, and a few I need to gain.

School wise I’m thinking of going part time and getting a job. Its have been recommended that it would help me with stress to focus on fewer things at once. While I don’t like the idea of going slower it would I feeling it would be better for me in the long run. While I still do my goal of getting a degree before thirty it will push it back one year. Other than that I’m realiny liking my Linux and Database class. I have a few more projects I want to try and know I know how to do them.

I don’t know when my next post will be or when I be on twitter or twitch again but hopeful I don’t take as long of a break anymore.

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