Now I’m playing with power

I bought a NES and an EverDrive. My first impression was how the games looked better than I remember them. It could have been that I’m using composite on a mid 2000’s Sony Trinitron while before I always played on a low end CRT with RF. A very sharp picture for composite. In the recent years I have played a few NES games on RF on a LCD TV and it looked horrible. Of course I got a controller to go along with it and was quite surprised. Other than my Switch and Gamecube I don’t own any Nintendo systems. I also don’t play those two systems a lot. But I can say they don’t have that great of D-pads. The D-pad on the NES is just fantastic. The travel and pressure required to press a button is just perfect and I had no issues once so ever with it. The A and B buttons are also great but I wish it required a tad more force. Not much more force and it could just be the age of the controller. The travel is perfect for the buttons. The start and select buttons are perfect like the D-pad. The right amount of force needed and travel. The soft feel of the start and select rubber buttons just increase the overall experience.

I also got a light gun. The first one was from Tomee and I had some issues with it. Overall it gets the job done and it worked just fine. The cable is a bit short and the triggers with it is thin. Due to the thin trigger it can hurt your trigger finger with repeated use. The short travel does not help. So I went out to find a used original. A much better experience. A thicker trigger with more travel, increased weight giving it a less of a cheap toy like feel, and the iconic spring sound when you press the trigger. The Tomee light gun just had a click when triggered. Most important of all the is the cable length is longer.

The EverDrive is a great investment and I’m glad I got one. You can buy it directly from Krikzz but I got mine from Stone Age Gamer. Since I got the basic one I just got the cart, a SD card and a troubleshooting card. No packaging other than the box used to mail it. Games play great and I have had no problem running it on the NES.

That is my first impression of my NES and EverDrive.In more general news I hope to start streaming again. Hopeful I’ll get back to Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest. In my spare time I’ll also play Final Fantasy XIII and Phanstay Star IV. I may stream them but I really just want to relax with them.

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