Week of 15OCT17

What I Learned for the Week of 15OCT17

If you have been following my activities you may have noticed that I been gone for awhile and the blogs name changed. This is because I’ll be improving how I’ve been doing things. In December I will graduate from college. While I feel comfortable in my ability to get a job, I want to improve my skills and will use this blog to document it. But don’t think that this blog and my other online project will just have to deal with technical things, this blog and everything I do online will still focus on videos games. First, the Elder Scrolls project will continue in December. Second, SaGa Frontier 2 will continue on Twitch, also in December. Starting this week will I be writing a weekly series of post talking about what I learned this week. While these post may not seem to be about games, the things I post will be skill that apply to projects I am working on. Enjoy and be prepare for the grand return in December.


For my Capstone Project in college I am working on a website. The issues is I don’t like web design so I am working on documentation. So to use some skill I have I set up a GitHub for the project, since I’m the only one in the group who knows how to use it, and have my Digital Ocean space to back up the website they load to the schools server. One issue I had was that when I ended the SSH connection the script would no longer run. I heard about Tmux when I first started using linux, but never played around with it. This is the tutorial I followed to learn how to use Tmux. Tmux works great and my scripts ran when after I ended the SSH connection. Now if only I can get my group to upload their code. Maybe I can get them to use GitHub Desktop.
(Edit: I had issues with my public key using Tmux. If you are having issues with your key check this post on StackExchange)

Excel is Fun

In my internship I have to use excel. While I can use Excel I felt there where better way to do what I was doing. Following the recommendation on the Excel Reddit I started watching Excel is fun on YouTube. While I’m sure everyone knows Excel, if you want to master Excel watch these videos. The videos I saw this week were part one and two. Part One was went over keyboard shortcuts and formatting. Part Two is about formulas. While this may seem like simple stuff, if you use your mouse for most task in Excel I recommend you watch his videos.

Intern Problems

This week for my internship I have to make some graphs using data prepared for me. Since me and my supervisor won’t be the only one to use this Excel sheet she set up a few formulas to make it easy for others to edit. The problem is for some of the data shows as zero on the graph make a sudden dip happen when it should show nothing. For example, in Excel when you add up cells that have no data you, the result is 0. After a Google search I found the answer on the Mr.Excel forum. To set this up I needed to make a new table that reference to the main table with the following formula: =IF(A1=0,NA(),A1). I also had an issue where some cells were divide by 0, to fix that I used the following formula: =IF(ISNUMBER(A1),A1,NA()). With the formula in I refer the graph to the new table. No more sudden drops due to calculations with missing data.

See you next week.

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