Week of 22OCT17

Power Query

Not much done this week. I finished part three of Excel is Fun. Learned about pivot table and power query. When classes are done I think I’m going to play around with power query with my elder scrolls data.

Issues with Tmux

I still seem to have issues with having my scripts run in the background. One issue I found was that I was using sudo in my script with out giving a password. Now its telling me that it can’t open it. I may make a custom script that has the sudo password. If that does not work I’ll have to go back and do some more research.

Short post this week. I spend most of my time this week getting all my paper work getting all my paper work in to apply for the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Computer information Systems Technology: Data Science Track at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC). Other than that, my internship has been going great and I’ll have a new task in the coming week that I’m excited for. Next post will hopeful be longer since I’m sure I have a lot to learn for this new task.

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