Big Data Florida: December 2017

Yesterday I visited Florida Institute of Technology to attend the final meeting of the year for Big Data Florida. Overall the meeting was a review of 2016 and predictions about 2017 regarding to Machine Learning and Big Data.

When I entered the room a side discussion was going on about Bitcoin and it’s rise so quick. Personally I think its a red flag that Bitcoin rose so fast and think now would be the best time to sell. This seems like a bubble and Bitcoin is not something regular people use. People are going to invest in it thinking its always going to rise. When it slows down the bubble is going to pop. I don’t think Bitcoin or Blockchain is going to go away. The internet and houses still exist after there bubble. I just think speculation is going to do what it always does.

The first half of the meeting went over what happen in 2017. I said that machine learning is starting to be used as a buzz work for consumer products. One of the members talk about how the Amazon Echo Look is being used with in fashion. This part ended on Tesla Trucks and evolved in to a discussion about education and how people will not have enough skills for all the changes that will happen around 2020.

The second half was about 2018. A few of the talks for next year were scheduled. A talk about Big Data and security along with Big Data and Physics were planed.

Overall I’m glad I went and plan on going to the next meeting.

Be sure check out Big Data Florida for more information.

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