IBM Cognitive Class

For the past week I have taken courses on IBM’s platform Cognitive Class. This platform is geared to teaching the user about cognitive computing, IBM’s own word for our current stage of AI, with courses in Python, R, Spark, Hadoop, and IBM’s Watson. Along with general information courses dealing with data science, machine learning, and cognitive computing.

So far I’ve complected the Data Science Fundamental learning path along with taking a course on Blockchain. Currently taking the Python for data science learning path along with the introduction to chat bots course, with plans to take the Machine Learning for Python course and Deep Learning learning path. So far I would recommend the classes I have taken if you have some basic programming knowledge and are interested in data science, machine learning, and cognitive computing.

Data Science Fundamentals

Data Science Fundamentals is a good foundation of the skills needed to do data science. The course Data Science 101 goes over what data science is and some examples of how it has been used. No coding or math is done just talks from people in the field. I was a bit bored with this course since I already know what data science is but great for people who may not know. Data Science Hands-on with Open Source Tools goes over tools used for the focus of this site. Most time is spent on Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio IDE which are some of the most popular tools used. This course teaches the user how to use the tool. Data Science Methodology gets user in the mind set of using the tools with some real world examples. While code is used there is no need to understand it. All that is needed to understand is that you can use these tools to work with data. R 101 is a introduction to R and how to use it. I found it okay but prefer python since it’s more similar to the programing I did in college. But I heard that R is good for people who are coming to data science with a math background.

Blockchain Essentials

As of now there does not seem to be any learning paths for blockchain on Cognitive Class. So for now Blockcahin Essentials is just a solo course. The course goes over what IBM wants to do with blockcahin. In simple terms it a digital ledger for the modern age. Everyone’s data is in sync and no one party can change records with out anyone else. It seems the aim is to use it for record keeping with a focus on records that outside organizations need or want to look at, eg. auditing. I’ll be keeping an eye on blockchain since what IBM whats to do with it aligns with my dream of being a librarian.

Overall I’ve enjoyed what I learned so far and plan on taking more courses.

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