Welcome to RoteGaming, where the focus is to explore the interactions of technology and humans. This blog will be the home base for all projects regarding RoteGaming. As you can tell from the name, gaming will be a major tool to explore the interactions of technology and humans. But, other forms of media will also be used along with programing. So lets get into the details on what to expect from RoteGaming.

Twitch Streams

A majority of the content will be streamed on Twitch. They will be split into two main groups, programming and gaming.

On the programming side I will be on the path to machine learning. The beginning streams will be me learning python3. After that I will do a few projects before finally starting to machine learning.

The gaming part will focus on games with a science fiction theme or deep and unique game systems. Puzzle, RPGs, adventure, and simulation games will mostly be the type of games streamed.

Blog Post

On this site, I will write post local community events, project reviews, and related media.

For the community events, I will be attending events and networking at places that deal with technology. The post will mainly be about what happen at the event. Expect to read about news, interesting people, and other happenings from the event.

A project review will be a post about a project I’ve done when it’s finished. It will detail what has been done and what are my next steps.

While I’m watching, reading, or playing something that focuses on science fiction, technology, or systems a post will be made about it. For example, I may read a paper about Machine Learning and give my thoughts on it. If it’s a piece of media that I don’t finish with in a day I’ll make a log of it. For example a game log will be a game I play, detailing my experience with it. The types of media to expect are anime, TV shows, movies, games, books, papers, and other blogs.


Stream archives will be uploaded to YouTube and be available on Twitch for up to 60 days. Edited videos will be made when a project is done. They will be an overview of the whole project. For example a commentary of a programming stream or a review of a games story and systems.


All programming projects will be maintained on GitHub.


You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and GitHub to receive up to date information about anything dealing with RoteGaming.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you enjoy my content.